STI Group collaborates with Innovative Retail Lab

Since partnering with the Innovative Retail Lab (IRL) in March 2016, STI Group has been working with its St. Wendel experts on developing 'Display 2025'.

’The biggest challenge is combining online and offline features intelligently and profitably at the point of sale. Our Display of the Future is designed to do just that, by blending shopper and retail insights with understanding of digital trends and equipment,’ says Aleksander Stojanovic, managing director of STI Group. ’Our collaboration with the IRL has given us access to groundbreaking digital technologies, along with the opportunity to test them in a retail environment that closely mirrors real-world conditions. Digital and physical experiences are increasingly converging in the shopper journey; to be successful in store, POS solutions will need to deliver more to shoppers in future.’  

The IRL simulates what retail environments could look like in the years to come. Its research focuses on multi-channel strategies, digital customer environments and smart assistance systems, as part of a collaborative undertaking between the DFKI (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz/German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence), German hypermarket chain GLOBUS-SB Warenhaus Holding and Saarland University.