PaperMania: Kecskemét results revealed

STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft. is proud to be the local patron of the PaperMania national children’s art competition, run by the Printers and Paper Association. The packaging company announced the competition in 12 local and two rural schools, gaining support from a number of cultural and public institutions, state businesses and multinational companies. Judging was held at STI Petőfi Nyomda on 25 September.

A number of misconceptions about paper persist in the public domain, despite evidence to the contrary from international environmental organizations. So this competition presented its 10-14-year-old contestants with an unusually thought-provoking theme: to refute, using pictures rather than words, one of eight key misconceptions identified by the Association.  

Preparations by the Kecskemét packaging manufacturer began in earnest at the end of May, to ensure the competiton was announced before the summer holidays. This gave the children plenty of time to think about this instructive topic, come up with ideas and create their masterpieces. The categories were far from easy, but it is often the most challenging task that brings out the greatest creativity.

Extended jury (from the left): Tarapcsik Sándor, Szenes Márton, Szappanos István, Lóránd Klára, Sirkó László, Jáki Éva

The jury consisted of Lóránd Klára (curator, Bozsó Collection), actor Sirkó László (Katona József Theatre, Kecskemét) and artist Szappanos István. Their combined opinions awarded first place to Sámán Boglárka, from Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School. Bán Noémi, from Bányai Júlia Secondary Grammar School, took second place and third went to Feldman Nóra from Vásárhelyi Pál Elementary School

Several other companies and organizations also supported the competition by offering special awards:

  • Nagy Dorina (Corvin Mátyás Elementary School) won the Libri Bookstore special award
  • Pásztor Enikő (Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School) was awarded the Kecskemét Bath special award
  • Sámán Boglárka (Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School) received the Tarapcsik Bindery special award
  • Sütő Lilla (Vásárhelyi Pál Elementary School): was recognised with a special award by Katona József Library and STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft.  

The winners of this local round will be celebrated in October, when the special awards will also be presented. As well as the top three placed drawings, a further five artworks have been shortlisted to represent Kecskemét in the national rounds:

  • Sallai Pálma (Corvin Mátyás Elementary School)
  • Kőrösi Luca (Corvin Mátyás Elementary School)
  • Nagy Dorina (Corvin Mátyás Elementary School)
  • Német Viktória (Kecskemét Zrínyi Ilona Elementary School, Városföld)
  • Sütő Lilla (Vásárhelyi Pál Elementary School)

The combined opinions of the jury awarded first place to Sámán Boglárka, from Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School