Displays: faster assembly

Combination of ¼ CHEP palet and STI Group Butterfly Base cuts assembly time in half  

The new CHEP quarter pallet that is set for rollout on a large scale in France in March 2016. The new generation of carriers is lighter, easier to handle, 100 percent CO2-neutral and much more efficient than its predecessor with respect to loading the displays. In combination with the STI Group Butterfly Base the assembly time is reduced by 50%.  

Butterfly Base in Store

A lighter touch – STI Group Butterfly Base  

STI Group has developed the Butterfly Base: a stable display base with a lighter impact on budgets, time and resources. The ingenious design contains pre-glued supports that open out automatically when you set up the base. This integrated support system cuts down on material use by 15% without reducing the overall load capacity of the base. As an added bonus, assembly is faster as you no longer have to insert a separate support; and one component takes the place of two or three. When combined with the new Chep Blue Click® range of pallets – into which the Butterfly base slots very easily – base assembly time is reduced by 50% overall.

Hypermarchés or corner shops? ¼ palet taps the full potential  

Lined up next to each other, these quarter pallets are the ideal carrier for large-format stores. At the same time, they have huge potential for the increasing number of small-format stores and corner shops. Thus one kind of unit can cater to different sales channels. "At present, CHEP has a market share of over 20% percent of the quarter pallet market in France", says Sebastian Deloume, Director of Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, CHEP France. "Demand for the quarter pallet is already so high that we expect a significant increase in sales with the rollout of the new generation. Awards such as the French Oscar of packaging and an award for sustainable innovation have also contributed to this surge."  

European Champion at the Point of Sale  

France is the European Champion when it comes to sales promotions. In no other country in Europe do manufacturers invest as much for a successful market presence in retail. For 2016, French retailers are once again expecting an upward swing of at least five to seven percent in their display activities. The reason: the European Football Championship.