A Lighter Touch

A 4°C rise in the average temperature of the earth would result in the Arctic melting and the North Pole becoming an open body of water. To try and avoid this alarming scenario, reducing CO2 emissions has become a priority for many brand manufacturers.

Responsible use of resources does not stop with manufacturing the branded product; it extends to all the associated packaging and POS activity. To this end, STI Group has developed the Butterfly Base: a stable display base with a lighter impact on budgets, time and resources.

The ingenious design contains pre-glued supports that open out automatically when you set up the base. This integrated support system cuts down on material use by 15% without reducing the overall load capacity of the base.

As an added bonus, assembly is faster as you no longer have to insert a separate support; and one component takes the place of two or three.

When combined with the new Chep Blue Click® range of pallets – into which the Butterfly base slots very easily – base assembly time is reduced by 50% overall.


Depending on the design and material used, the Butterfly Base can carry up to 150 kilograms as the brief demands. During the development process, STI designers select the appropriate flute profile and material type based on their guiding principle: ‘As little as possible, as much as necessary.’