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The POS of the future

1. Back to the future:“Move people to buy more!” –How to reach the hybridconsumer

Is there a future for promotions? How well are products selling at the POS? Are there ways and means to make sure that the brand management of POS campaigns is consistent? These questions have been crucial for retail in the past and will continue to be in the future.

2. The future of POS marketing

In marketing the POS is a crucial lever because it is still the most important point of contact with the customer. At the POS, the retailer is close to the customer, it is where the retailer can thrill the customer and make a lasting impression. And thrill is good for business.

3. Advertising for the stores ofthe future

The store of the independent retailer who locally supplied customers with products used to be a social meeting place, procurement and distribution of goods all in one. A nostalgic look back reveals the traditional “corner shop” to be synonymous with a good relationship between retailer and customer. Promoting sales by entering into dialogue with the customer was the key to increasing sales and still is today.


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