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The Display of the future

1. Die Rolle des Displays im Supermarkt der Zukunft ()

Retail designers will shape the look of tomorrow’s supermarkets. They will not only develop the design of the store, but will also be involved in matters of assortment and brand strategy. How do products and services sell best and what must the retail environment look like? Displays will not be on the minds of store designers while they work out answers to these questions, knowing that stores look better without displays. They also know that retailers will put up displays whenever there is free space. But why do retailers insist on displays? Because displays generate sales growth – what is more important for a company?

2. The Future of Retail ()

Retail will have changed radically when we reach 2015: the environment will be completely different. Everything will be smaller and simpler. Possibly, that will not be true for large distribution formats. All other formats, however, are facing a “decade of downsizing”. Products, packaging, store chains, the average store size, all that will grow smaller. The trend towards sustainability will lead to a norm that ranks things according to their ecological and social “desirability”. People and their behaviour are part of this trend: shoppers want things to be clear and simple.

3. 360°-Marketing: Displays als Erfolgsfaktor von Marken und Handel ()

When navigating a ship in unknown waters, it is important to keep a weather eye open. Not for nothing would the steersman of a ship on the high sea keep a close eye on the lookout in the crow’s nest, who had an “all-round” view of things at his airy height. Today, the steersman can turn to radar for support, which also provides a 360 degree perspective.


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